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Hi.. Im Nisha Amirtharatnam from Malaysia. Im here to pursue my degree in Psychology. Im from Kuala Lumpur, the main city in Malaysia. Im sure you all have heard about the KL Tower and The twin towers (one of the highest buildings in the world). I have two brothers and two sisters. My dad is a education officer retired and he's with the real estate now. My mum is a retired teacher who is now with an international school in Cheras. My elsedt brother, Kevin is a graphic designer and Lester is a CEO of a messaging company. My two younger sisters are still studying. Narmadha is doing accounting while Prashanti is waiting for her A-Levels results and is hoping to pursue her studies in the medical field. I was hoping to fill my blog with the beauties of Malaysia and also some poems that i have written. A blog, as far as i'm concerned is where a person pours out their feelings. I guess i'll do that as well. I think writing can help you feel so much better. It's a way to release stress. Well i guess i'll update more when i write more on my blogs. Hope i'll make a great blog as im illiterate when it comes to computers at times ;-)

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